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Welfare: It’s Not Just For Down On Their Luck Bombers Anymore

A Daily rundown of history, essays and breaking news with exclusive commentary by [r]epublican nation founder Mike Church

Get your signed-numbered copy of Mike Church's newest feature "Spirit of '76-Story continues"
Get your signed-numbered copy of Mike Church’s newest feature “Spirit of ’76-Story continues”

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of The Constitution Living & Breathing for Dzokhar Tsarnaev plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “Using another analogy to the Catholic Church; just as Pope Benedict XVI lamented over Catholics who lived as if there were no God, too many American citizens live as if they were actually permanent residents. They fail to be active in their communities,  fail to maintain the associations that Tocqueville praised as fundamental to America’s success,  fail to educate their children in the American heritage, and thus facilitate an America that is not a welcoming yet culturally firm nation,  but is merely a big airport with separate waiting rooms for diverse ethnic groups.” – Peter Strzelecki Rieth

America the TragicHow is it POSSIBLE that those who come from an “intellectual life” could be so pre-disposed to violence?

CantorCARE, the GOP effort to feel warm and fuzzy about big government AND  throw bones to their healthcare corporatist backers, gets halted by a rogue group of oath takers in Congress, much to Dana Milbank’s hissy-fit chagrin

More on the “conservatives” who said “No” to CantorCARE bill

Federal Overlords asked for Tamerlan Tsarnaev to be put on terror watch list but were overruled by other Federal Overlords which brings up the question of separation of bureaucratic powers and red tape checks and balances

Wow, the “General Welfare” clause to the Constitution even helps provide welfare to Boston Marathon Bombers who are down on their luck – why won’t THAT become a big issue for MSNBC to debate!?

DeceptiCONS Want War: John Bolton stumps to “take the fight overseas” after Boston. As IF we have not already done that, what does he want, an invasion force of 10 million covering the entire other hemisphere!?

CHRONICLES: The Cheneyan bombers were just the latest symbol of a government gone mad and driven by the empire instead of the defense of its traditions, political and otherwise

Post Matrix Cable Instruction: Hayek’s Road To Serfdom is available for online reading, FREE, if you know where to look

Thye Debt Ceiling’s raised for years… Republicans “gird their loins” for the fight over “the debt ceiling” that everyone knows will result in the bests inevitable increase

Federal Overlods abuse of the day: The inJustice Department makes its case against Lance Armstrong!? First Roger Clemens’ butt, now Lance Armstrong’s remaining testicle!? Do these people have any REAL criminals to pursue (not that they have authority to) or are show trials, designed to keep the CITIZENS in line and afraid, the order of the day? (uhhhh, YEAH!)

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