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My story of americaMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“What is the purpose of government?  As a matter of fact, I meant to play this clip yesterday.  Donald Trump actually got this correct in his speech.  During his speech on Tuesday night, Trump asked and then answered the question of “What is the first duty of government?””  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

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Mike:  What is the purpose of government?  As a matter of fact, I meant to play this clip yesterday.  Donald Trump actually got this correct in his speech.  During his speech on Tuesday night, Trump asked and then answered the question of “What is the first duty of government?”  Here’s what the candidate says:

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Donald Trump: It is the first duty of government to keep the innocent safe. When I’m president, I will fight for the safety of every American, and especially those Americans who have not known safety for a very, very long time.

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Mike:  He says that the first purpose of government is to keep the innocent safe.  I ask you, fair listener out there, what is the first duty of government?  Is it to keep the innocent safe?  I suppose we would have to kind of define what safety is.  If safety is not just in my physical being, not being attacked, not being murdered, not being raped, if safety is the preservation of my private property, if safety is the preservation of my right to privacy, if safety is the preservation of my duty to worship and love almighty God with all my heart and soul, and government promises to never let another individual impugn or infringe upon that duty, then the candidate – that’s what I’m going to start calling him – the candidate is correct.  He’s in the right neighborhood.

What’s the first duty of government?  I think we can summarize it, and I would say that the government ought to operate under a creed, if we’re going to have governments – I’m not convinced we actually need Republican or republican or Democracy or democracy any longer, that this bill of lies we have been sold and most of us have swallowed our entire lives – you heard Trump say it the other day: This is the greatest government in the history of governments.  Really?  Did you live under Queen Isabella?  Did you live under the auspices of St. King Louis IX?  Do you know anyone who lived under the auspices, under the kind and noble care of St. Stephen, the King of Hungary?  These are fair questions.  When we make these statements about government, we are answering questions but we’re not actually answering them.

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What is the purpose of government?  I would say that government, its ultimate purpose is contained in the last part of the previous answer, which is to ensure that all the governed may carry out the first commandment.  That’s the purpose of government.  All the other things that might come under that are secondary.  As long as it carries out that purpose, then it is actually doing something in the supernatural, which then inspires the natural order, that is for the benefit of all.  Shouldn’t this thing we call government be for the benefit of all?  Yes.  I don’t think anyone is going to argue that if government is going to do something, anything, doesn’t matter what it is, it should do it for the benefit of all.  I’d say that locking up a murderer in a prison that was paid for by the government, however it appropriated the funds, and keeping him from murdering other people is for the common good, as an example.

If we can establish that that is the actual purpose of government, then we ought to be able to proceed to the question: What does this monstrosity, this perversion, this crime family that I call Mordor on the Potomac River, the federal government of the United States, what does it do?  What does it do?  Does it carry out the first commandment?  Does it actually ensure that no one will infringe upon my duty or your duty to love the Lord, our God with all our heart and soul?  Does it?  The answer is an unequivocal and obvious no.  If it doesn’t do that, that is the ultimate purpose of government, commandment one.  If it doesn’t do that, then it’s not worth preserving.  If it’s not worth preserving, what do we need it for?  Why do we remain attached to it?

We remain attached to it because we’re fat, we’re lazy, and we’re filled with pride.  There used to be, once upon a time, a guy named Thomas Jefferson.  You know, he cavorted about the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia.  He had a pen.  It was made out ronald reagan stupid questionof a feather, a very large bird’s feather.  Ooh, yay!  He dipped it in this little inkwell and he wrote these things like this Declaration of Independence.  Because he once walked on the land that we call America, and was a resident of the State of Virginia, and occupied the highest office ever, and because he wrote that Declaration thingy, well, that’s why we remain in the Union, Mr. Church.

Is Jefferson still around?  We can honor the tradition and accomplishments of Jefferson, but is Jefferson still around?  I don’t know, let’s look.  No, I don’t’ see him.  Is James Madison still around?  Hold on.  Let’s take a minute and look.  Nah, I don’t see him.  How about that “give me liberty or give me death” cat?  What was his name?  Yes, Patrick Henry.  Is he still around?  I don’t know.  Let’s look.  Nah, I don’t see him.  Despite the fact that Chesterton did say that democracy is the voice of the dead, or one of the voices of the dead – I know I just butchered that quotation – and we do owe honor and homage to our ancestors, if they got something wrong, then it should not be a part of our tradition.

When we view government, and when we view our lives in this terrestrial sphere, if we don’t view them with the point of view that – and this is not an atheist point of view, by the way.  When we don’t view them with the point of view that this existence is going to end, and when it does end, this thing that is animating our corpus, our body called the soul, that it is actually going to outlive us – because it’s going to live for eternity we’re told and we believe this – why don’t we then do things that are geared towards and targeted specifically towards the eternal part of living?  Does anyone ever stop and think about these things?  Look, I’m a simple guy; I’m a simple dude.  As they say, this isn’t rocket science.  This stuff isn’t hard to figure out.

Back to the government argument.  What is the utility that we cling to for a federal government?  It is that supposedly it gives us things.  It lavishes things on us.  It gives us Obamacare.  How many of you saw the story yesterday that the Aetna health insurance company is going to close its doors?  Why?  Obamacare put them out of business.  Do you know what the solution to this is going to be in Congress?  It’s going to be to expand Obamacare.  I’m not making this up.  It won’t be to dismantle it; it’ll be to expand it, and to make sure that Aetna can make more money, enough money to stay in business.

Wait a minute.  They’re in 14 states, this Aetna creature.  Did the government of the United States – does a health insurance company work for the benefit of those it insures?  That’s an argument that could go both ways depending on circumstance, but overall I’d say yes.  Are they profiteering in an unethical manner?  Overall I’d say you probably would say yes.  Still, there is a benefit, a cost benefit to having an insurance company.  The federal government of the United States that we cling to because it gives us things, and don’t forget, it goes into strange lands that we can’t point to on a map and don’t know the names of, but it goes over and kills bad guys, too.  If that government, if that entity causes that insurance company to go under, to not be able to operate any longer, what utility, what good is it serving?  It’s not just limited to Aetna.

How many of you know or are covered by – if you live in New York State, you are probably covered by – the largest insurer in New York State is United Healthcare.  How many of you are covered by, or I should say were, covered by United Healthcare?  If you live in Louisiana, where I am currently ensconced – again, 35 miles over my right shoulder is where the flooding is.  We’re going to get into that in just minute.  If you live in Louisiana and you were covered by United Healthcare, you’re not any longer.  Why?  Because they lost, in the first quarter of this year, some $600 million thanks to Obamacare.  They cannot continue operations here, so they sent us all little notices that said: Yeah, we gone.  We’re leaving.  Turn out the lights.  Obama has run us out of business.

I say all this as preface.  How many of you also recall that signal epoch in Louisiana and American history called Hurricane Katrina?  I think we all remember it well.  I know I do because I actually was here.  I was like young Christopher and his family.  I did not flee the storm.  I stayed here for the storm.  Afterwards I fled to continue this show.  I had to go operate out of the NRA studios in Alexandria, Virginia for seven weeks until services and utilities – that’s how long it took for certain things to be restored here.


You all remember Hurricane Katrina.  You all remember the people of New Orleans, as helpless and hapless as they are and were, had not prepared for the worst, had instead relied upon the mayor, city government, state government, and federal government to care for themselves.  This was brought about by decades upon decades of reliance upon this thing, this monstrosity, this horror that has been visited upon the population of the United States called the welfare state.

The welfare state seeks to imprison people.  Why?  It imprisons people because they then become wards.  When you become a ward of something, you rely upon, whoever the caregiver is, as a ward you rely upon that entity for your care.  If you’re asked to do something like go and vote for it, you do it.

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Were the people of New Orleans, were their lives and fortunes served by this thing that we call the federal government and Louisiana’s membership in the union by Hurricane Katrina?  I’m going to tell you something that no one else will tell you.  I’m going to say something that some people in Louisiana are going to hear and get angry about.  Truth be known, though, you’re going to think about it and take back your kneejerk reaction.  You’re going to say: Mr. Church was ultimately correct.  When President Bush and the Congress ultimately sent FEMA down here, and then found out what the checking account, banking account, mailing addresses were of every citizen of Southeast Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, and Southern Alabama that could possibly have been affected by Hurricane Katrina and deposited vast sums of money that no one asked for – I know I didn’t ask for it – into our checking accounts, they did a grave, grave disservice.  When the feds compelled and then forced insurers to pay off claims that they should not have paid off, they did a grave, grave disservice.

When those insurers larded money out to people that did not have actual damages, it was like a spending orgy here.  I personally know about a dozen and a half people that took obscene, unethical, sinful advantage of it.  The government didn’t assist those people, it made their soulful lives, their lives thinking about eternity, it imperiled them through greed, through gluttony, horrific acts of gluttony.  People spent money on things they never would have spent money on.  People bought things they never would have bought.  People claimed that they had things in houses that they never had in their houses.  Much to the detriment, again, keeping our gaze focused on eternity.  Folks, this stuff matters.

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