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When Confronted With Film Of Abortion’s Handiwork, Libs Lash Out at Filmmakers

Mandeville, LA – The Pro-Life group Created Equal produces a video that graphically shows what aborted babies look like with some of the children still kicking and grasping for air and what is the reaction from Philadelphia citizens? “That’s inappropriate to be shown in a public place” said one woman WITH her child cuddling her.

Of the 6 New Jersey newscasters for “The Chase” (a news crew) only 1 could bring himself to react with horror and remorse while the rest just wanted to know (I paraphrase) “Why is Created Equal trying to ruin the fun of our sex revolution and its consequences! That’s just wrong” and one reporter fumed “I think that’s going to backfire on them” which I take to mean that women who see the video will rush out, find a “hookup” wait 6 weeks and film their own baby snuff films?

This is the moral depravity and personified evil we live among. Here’s a question, would you trust the people damning the filmmakers with the care of your recently born child? The fact that the only anger or outrage displayed is NOT aimed at the abortionists who ripped the babies to pieces but at those who exposed it tells us that beginning with Pope Leo XIII through Pope Benedict XVI, the warnings that the sanctity of “humanae vitae” (human life) would be irreversibly damaged has come to pass. Pope Paul VI, saw all this coming and lovingly appealed to us for temperance.

“Our predecessor John XXIII of venerable memory, and We make Our own his words: “No statement of the problem and no solution to it is acceptable which does violence to man’s essential dignity; those who propose such solutions base them on an utterly materialistic conception of man himself and his life. The only possible solution to this question is one which envisages the social and economic progress both of individuals and of the whole of human society, and which respects and promotes true human values.” (26) No one can, without being grossly unfair, make divine Providence responsible for what clearly seems to be the result of misguided governmental policies, of an insufficient sense of social justice, of a selfish accumulation of material goods, and finally of a culpable failure to undertake those initiatives and responsibilities which would raise the standard of living of peoples and their children.” Pope Paul VI

The Holy See could not have known those words would produce laughter and scorn in the newsroom and park pictured in the video above to say nothing of outright rejection of the authority cited. By way of analogy, recall that NFL star Michael Vick was jailed, forced out of polite society and out of his career for doing far less to dogs. Men lose the right to their own private property amid the roar of public outrage over AUDIO recordings of dubious outrage. The civilization that cannot bring itself to vilify and condemn the monsters who perform the ghastly acts displayed in this film does not deserve the laughable schtick “land of the free…home of the brave”.

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2 Responses
  1. Wil

    This kind of willful cognitive dissonance is how the people of Germany claimed not to know about the ovens. They did not necessarily care about or object to what happened, they merely wanted to be ignorant of it and the guilt it conveyed. The reactions of some of these people are not one of horror in what they see as it actually happens but only in the fact that they see it. Their reation is, “I do not want to be seeing this” instead of “The horror I see must not be allowed.” A most difficult act for the guilty is to be confronted with the truth of their guilt. It is much easier to hide it and pretend there is no thing for which to feel guilt, shame or remorse. “How dare you reveal my guilt and ignorance! is the cry when it ought to be “How dare I tolerate this sin and evil’s continuance!”

  2. R.E. Burton Jr

    I literally had to pause video @1:00 min mark to regroup, and I’m a Combat Veteran !
    What ever happened to the this part of the Hippocratic Oath “Nor shall any man’s entreaty prevail upon me to administer poison to anyone; neither will I counsel any man to do so. Moreover, I will get no sort of medicine to any pregnant woman, with a view to destroy the child.”?
    So, before anyone says Catholic, the Hippocratic oath was to Greek Gods, just another word filled way of saying “Thou Shalt Not Kill!!”
    GOD Bless Mike, and keep up the good work.

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