The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

VIDEO: Romney continues the unbelievable mistake of thinking the country wants to elect a military commander who will war our way to supremacy & prosperity

ISANITY: What would REALLY happend if the DeceptiCONS get their way and start a way with Israel against Iran? Nothing good and things quite tragic

In the same interview Romney uses the same Constitution many people claim does not sanction an INDIVIDUAL mandate but somehow it sanctions a CORPORATE one?

Memo to Romney/Ryan: Bill Kristol will get you defeated in NOV if you keep pushing the militarism, the latest stats show the US outspends the planet

Did The ObamaBot team overthink Dear Leader’s speech or did they overestimate the stupidity of the audience

On Obama’s health care law, Romney reiterated that he would repeal the law, if elected, but would replace it with his own measure that would include some of the elements from Obama’s law, including coverage for those with “pre-existing conditions.”

Why were the Federalists called Federalists and the anti-federalists by their dismissive moniker? Here is a good history of the era and these questions

DNC hypocrisy: Delegates to DNC boast they are inclusive except when it comes to not including the Tea Party

WEIRD: Obama gets snatched and jerked over a pizza as Biden gets told he cannot borrow a bikers bike

Last Train To Brokesville: ANOTHER debt deal is in the works!? As if the last one worked so well we need a new one, right? Let’s play “kick the can” instead!

VIDEO: Milton Friedman explains why corporatism is more dangerous than tyranny

Mike Rowe wants Romney to know that rolling your sleeves up to mow the lawn or pick the asparagus is good work that makes men out of boys and helps a country stay in touch with reality

Where the Jobs Aren’t: Obama achieves miraculous reduction in the labor force unseen in ALL of our history as REAL UE is up in the 25% range

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