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When Your Sex Revolution Fails, Broadcast The Failure: Hello “Sex Box”!

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02 September, 2014-posted by Mike Church Mandeville, LA – Not satisfied with “Dating Naked” or the latest lust driven campaign for nude-celebrity “selfies”, We TV will debut a new “reality show” called “Sex Box”. Couples having “intimacy problems” will pursue healing by going on the show, sharing their problems with viewers who can only dream of exposing their flawed relationships with people they don’t know, then having sex in The Box, then subjecting themselves to “examination” by “intimacy experts” who will offer advice. What used to be the basis for utter humiliation is now the basis for the vain pursuit of faux amorous, one-upmanship. Of course, consulting Christian doctrine on the matter is a totally, “thinking outside the Box” suggestion. “…the conjugal act preserves in its fullness the sense of true mutual love and its ordination towards man’s most high calling to parenthood. We believe that the men of our day are particularly capable of seeing the deeply reasonable and human character of this fundamental principle.” – Humane Vitae by Pope John Paul II, who was spared knowing the creators of “Sex Box” and stars of “Party Down South” would make a mockery of the Holy See’s faith in future husbands The children of the depraved, Godless generations who cursed us with heir utopian “sexual revolutions” propose to deal with their demon-spawn by broadcasting its failure for their “experts” to sort out. The shocking lack of respect and rejection of modesty, any Gentleman must have for his wife (I am going out on a limb that any of these “contestants” are actually married) tells me this culture is doomed. And I thought the utterly embarrassing spectacle of the modern redneck seen in CMT’s “Party Down South” was bad. BTW, if you doubt the Hades this culture is already bathed in, read the downright demonic wishes directed at Alexandra Cavallo for even questioning “Sex Box” among “artists”.

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