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Who Killed Christianity In The Mid-East? Sadly, Our Foreign Policy Did

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Mandeville, LA  Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of the story of the U.S. foreign policy helping to kill Christianity in the Mid-East plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “The Obama administration, bewilderingly, has chosen to support Syria’s rebel groups without any apparent thought of the consequences. The extent of covert support remains unclear, though reports suggest it is significant. As in Iraq, the insurgent campaign in Syria targets priests, the most visible symbols of the Christian faith.” – Andrew Doran

Read a FREE Chapter of “Is Davis A Traitor” Edited with commentary by Mike Church – This book is THE greatest work on the Constitution  and the right of secession ever written

Who killed Christianity in the land of its birth (the Middle East)? Why the United States government with an assist from Al Queda did and is still doing it

“Well they’re gonna get a bailout aren’t they!?” –  Fannie Mae decides to pay back SOME of the bailout cash they have been receiving now that “the housing market is back” which is kind of like the hypochondriac saying let me sneeze on you, I’m not actually sick right now

Colorado’s Hemp law has cleared most of the hurdles it needed to, now comes the serious work of stiff-arming a tyrannical Obama administration as CO asserts her sovereignty. The Tenth Amendment Center is doing great coverage of this “nullification” story

Want MORE facts and the story BEHIND “Nullification”? Get Mike Church’s “WHat Lincoln Killed-EPISODE I” and enjoy hearing the whole story

DeceptiCONNED – Boehner blinks, gets “debt prioritization bill” to House floor, twists arms and wins passage…by 6 votes, Obama is spared, for the moment as the Bernanke ongoing QE nightmare

The latest smash hit-MUST have t-shirt from Mike!
“Im’ The Minuteman, Militia Member” The latest smash hit-MUST have t-shirt from Mike!

As the stock market soars to new highs “investors” are either ignoring or do not care to recognize that economic growth has not generated this boom, rather the actions of the Fed & Bernanke and when this volcano blows, woe to those who have not seen it coming all along

Then in a shockuh, Boehner poo-poos the idea of the “Marketplace Fairness Act” meanwhile, House judiciary chairman Goodlatte sounds like a Mike Church Show listener “Moreover, he warned that the bill could set a dangerous precedent by allowing states to tax businesses outside their jurisdictions.”

Joe Klein has some worthy commentary on the GOP witch hunt that is disguised as hearings on Bin Ghazi

Why is it that those who I normally find disagreeable when reading their Op-eds, I find more agreeable than “conservatives” when it comes to bin Ghazi “hearing” related op-eds? (answer, because the GOP jihad against Obama and his successor is politically, NOT strategically motivated)

Mish: Blind men can see the newest Fed created housing bubble but alas, that seems not to matter as the mother of all bubble bursts-Bride of Meltdown begins trying on her wedding gown

Air Force brochure to female members being sexually assaulted “It may be advisable to submit [rather] than resist…”!  The Force Be All Over You…Always

Larison: ACTUALLY believing that Americans are superior beings whose decisions and desires are always good and constructive is the dope of ego maniacs who should be nowhere near the reigns of foreign policy power

Oh that’s rich: The kidnapper of Amanda Berry could face murder charges for killing a fetus or 3 and here I was thinking that was legal in Ohio if you call it an abortion

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