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Why I Chose Simon Peter Over Martin Luther

Mandeville, LA – The amount of correspondence a radio host receives is proportionate to the amount of listeners he or she moves into uncomfortable intellectual or moral positions. Since my headfirst leap from the neocon capital R, “conservative” paddywagon in 2008 it isn’t very hard for me to generate “hate-mail” as I call it on a daily basis simply by showing up for work and not bowing to public pressure to recant a previously stated opinion. The battle over “incorporation, [r]epublicanism, non-intervention, ratified intent, the legality of secession, the non-blobist nature of the American Union as conceived b the men who created it have all yielded dump-truccks filled with correspondence but no subject has produced the amount of mail and animosity than my conversion and devotion to Catholicism. To read some readers correspondence on this matter you might think I had taken a loyalty oath to the Communist Party and attained the rank of brigadier general therein. Others have suggested that I must have gone mad as in imbecilic to have become a “rabid papist” that “everybody knows” is part of the “new world order”.

What has rarely been communicated or rather granted to me is an acknowledgement that I must retain some intelligence the listener previously granted me credit for in secular matters. Apparently if you think with “a Catholic brain” then you are incapable of thinking with a “constitutional brain” as though the two cannot occupy the same cranial space. This is especially true when discussing the connection between the health of limited government (it’s on life support) and the health of citizen’s souls (we play porno to 8 year olds and call it Beyoncé). To most Americans these days the soul is that inner “something” that seeks to be united to another inner “something” as a mate via a social media website. It most certainly is not the immortal part of our being that longs for the healing Grace of God, prior to receiving the body and blood of Our Lord, as we hear in the Centurion’s pledge during Holy Mass “et sanabitur anima mea”.

Think about that for a moment, the existence of an immortal soul, prone to being permanently damaged by mortal sin is as believable to most Americans as the existence of Big Foot with the exception being that Big Foot produced a plaster cast of a foot print and all the soul has produced is a connection between pop-singers Rhiannon and Chris Brown and black eyes. Henry the VIII hadn’t gotten around to the Chris Brown treatment of first wife Catherine before he was warned by archbishop Thomas More that domestic violence would not only fail to produce for him a a male heir but would also imperil his soul to becoming Lucifer’s prized possession for failing to honor the 6th and 9th commandments. This was the concern of those Englanders who believe in the divinity of the King’s position and the omnipotence of the God that had granted it. The principal concern for the American fans of Rhianna was not in bearing Brown an heir but in bearing an heir to her last hit record. “You’re only as good as your last work” the saying goes, tell that to St Thomas More who’s last “hit record” was not cut to the beat of Folsom County Prison but was sung by Gregorian monks as “Ecce Virgo” (behold, a virgin). More sacrificed his head to validate the teaching of Christ and John The Baptist on the sanctity of marriage, Chris Brown lost a few “concert dates” for publicly abusing that non-existent vow.

What does any of the above have to do with my conversion? Well, it has everything to do with it because I have been surreptitiously feeding the reader Catholic dogma. Like the ratifiers of the U.S. Constitution, the 11 men, we call them Apostles today, that left Galilee after being hand picked and then personally trained by Our Lord in the Faith, were there from the start and knew the “original intent”. Their councils, performed and written works testify to their faithful carrying out of the duty given them by Jesus Christ. In a similar manner, the Federal Convention of 1787 created a Constitution that was ratified by 11 states (before NC & RI ratified). No I am not comparing the events and elevating “founding fathers” to the level of Saints I am pointing out that today’s “conservative” relies on the opinion of those closest to the ratifiers if not the ratifiers for the “perfect” use of the Constitution. This seems like common sense yet the actions of the ratifiers of Christ’s constitution are given no such advantage and instead are subjected to never ending controversy over heretical “penumbras…emanating ” from their work or in the case of the majority of my Protestant brothers and sisters who contact me, the lack of their “works” as if a time sheet and payroll tax/check stub are needed to validate what was plainly obvious and venerated for nearly 14 centuries.

When I investigate my Protestant friends’/listeners’ claims of “sola fideii” or “sola scriptura”, like those who claim a “blob” of America has always existed, the historical record does not comport with the facts.  At least my Eastern Orthodox friends grant me the courtesy of practicing a legitimate sacrifice of the Eucharist in the Roman Latin rite, no such privilege is granted by my Protestant friends. This is odd in recalling that the burden of proof in our system of “juris prudence” is on the accuser, a condition few people would contest yet where is this legal dogma to be found in the never ending trials of faith Catholics are subjected to? I’ve never once claimed publicly that a Protestant doesn’t have a right to his or her views regardless of what I think of them and have, in fact, not engaged, energetically, in the effort to convert those who have publicly called to challenge what they term as my “opinions”. When I inform them that like my research on American History, my research on this subject confirms the belief held by the ratifiers, I am informed that no such view existed yet the record of the Mass, celebrated as the Tridentine Mass is solemnly observed today is extant and can be connected to the second century. This is the Mass that would have caused the conversion of the man universally agreed upon as the wisest and most venerated of the first millennia: St Augustine. The Magisterium defended and expounded upon by Augustine IS what he converted to. The Mass he served and was converted by IS the Tridentine (Latin Mass) Mass. My Protestant friends seem to have never been informed that Augustine confronted and rejected a heresy nearly identical to the one their progenitor, Martin Luther,  “succeeded” in.

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