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Wisdom Wednesday Pile of Prep-The Killing Fields of England: Hospital NIC Wards

Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. 2017 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don’t cost nuthin’).

Sapientia et Veritas – “It can’t possibly be because I am aware that the neoconservatives who have been braying for this attack for years are always completely wrong about everything. It can’t possibly be because the US-centralized war machine has had a well-established pattern for many years of demolishing countries based on lies and false pretenses of humanitarianism only to leave in their wake a humanitarian disaster, which they then blame on “mistakes” made by whoever happened to be in charge at the time. It can’t possibly be because US-led military interventionism in modern times is literally never helpful, literally never accomplishes what its proponents claim it will accomplish, and is literally always extremely profitable for its most vocal advocates. Nope, it’s got to be because I fell in love with a gangly Syrian president whom I’d never even thought about before the neocons set their crosshairs on him, and I only oppose the next imminent military catastrophe because I agree so much with his policies and behavior.” – Caitlin Johnstone, What Are Assad Apologists

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Saving Alfie’s Life, One Breath At A Time – Baby Alfie Evans’ parents are taking turns giving him mouth to mouth breathing after the secular, diabolical government of the UK insisted the child must receive no further “life support”.

“Both Kate and I had to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation to keep him alive because his lips turned blue,” the baby’s father said. “We were doing what a nurse should have been doing to sustain his life,” he continued. “Now they are saying that he looks really good but we all know he should be in Italy right now.”

Catholics across the globe have rallied to Alfie’s prayerful defense including the appeal to Our Lady of Walsingham I authored here. Oremus.

What Exactly Is An “Assad Apologist” & Why Does Seeking Peace & Just War Make You One? – Caitlin Johnstone fancies herself as a “Bogan socialist, Anarcho psychonaut” so it should come as a shock to readers/listeners that I find her arguments and reporting on what is happening in Syria and particularly in Douma, far more compelling that the alleged “experts” who are now calling her and me and many of you by extension “Assad apologists”.  I ask the question of one of these “experts”, Chris York, if there is a case to be made against President Assad and President Putin for waging an unJust war in Syria and if so is there than a Just War Theory case that can be made for the UK, USA and French wars in response. *crickets* This could be because I ma an insignificant toad in all these machinations or it could be that York and now, sadly, The Intercept, are towing the establishment’s fantasy about what is going on here.

Syrian Bishop To #MAGA Syria Bombers, Please Stop – I’ve been covering the activity of Syrian priests and bishops in response to the Western powers assaults on behalf of “humanitarian efforts” in Syria. Now Bishop Jano Battah says to ‘Muricans “the real problem is U.S. Policy toward Syria…were it not for Russia we would have been slaughtered.”

It Was 26 Years Ago Yesterday, The KingDude Taught Himself To Play – 26 years ago on a rainy, dreary Monday morning at 8:07 a.m., I began what we call today The Mike Church Show. It was a 2 hour long, 1 man homily that was produced by WSLA manager Jim Summers. The theme song for the show back then was The Eagles The Long Run which would be replaced in 1999 by Ted Nugent’s Damn Yankees Don’t Tread on Me. Over 26 years in this business you get to meet a lot of people and do a lot of things others may only dream of and then the reality of talking to walls for 3-4 hours per day, 5 days a week rains on the dream; but its a good, gentle rain that should humiliate in the good sense of the word. Thanks for reading this and being part of those 26 years. I don’t know how many more Our Lord will bless me the privilege to perform but I stand at his beck and call!

Mike at Real Radio 97.9, Lake Charles, LA, August 2002.

Jordan Peterson: Is He Really an Anti-Cult of Death Hero? – In the last 2 years few men of academia have come forward to pushback against the LGBTQrstlne, Transgender Pandemic and the sudden necessity of college “safe spaces” than Professor Jordan Peterson. Peterson now has a book out to capitalize on this new found fame (or infamy if you’re a cult of death’er) titled 12 Rules For Life. At Crisis Magazine, John Horvat and Scot Ventureyra review the book with Horvat reviewing it as well written screed against the SJW zeitgeist that fails to grasp the need for The Faith and its traditions and Ventureyra proclaiming the book is just what the doctor ordered. I haven’t read it so I can’t review it but I can say this as I relate often about public organizations. An author is is either Religious of Irreligious and Peterson is the latter. This doesn’t mean he’s not worth reading it means he’s worth reading for the practical side of opposing death which says nothing about its ultimate enemy: The Cult of Life aka Christendom.

The Demons Have Come For The Children And They Now Run California – You’ve all heard me opine “the demons are ascendent, they have come for the children and they won’t take ‘no’ for an answer!” Well, if the California Senate bows to the diabolically inspired bill that has cleared its Assembly, the demons have succeeded in outlawing helpful care, therapy and READING for those children and adults suffering gender dysphoria-you just can’t make this stuff up folks. From Lifesite News.

““Sexual orientation change efforts” are defined as “any practices that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation.” Other states have enacted narrower bans on “conversion therapy,” also known as reparative therapy, for minors, but CBS Sacramento that California’s is the first in the nation that would also prevent adults from voluntarily obtaining the treatment.”

If this bill passes, the courts will interpret it as applicable to books and other media and eventually, mark my words, religious efforts. Put another way, “going Carmelite” will basically be the only “treatment” in the form of a sacrifice and intense mortification, available. The demons have come, and they’re winning.

Superman: Saving Murican Pop Culture Since 1938 – Did you know that Action Comics, Issue # 1,000 is coming up!? A.C. Gleason has the top 10 Superman issues ever. I personally vote for the 1976 Superman vs Spiderman series, drawn by comic impresario Neal Adams.


A Civilization In 6 Words: Babies Make Families – Here is Emily Clark’s wonderful little essay Babies Make Families that so many have thanked me for reading on-air I am linking to it so you can read and share for yourself.

“After all, who among us parents doesn’t have people in their lives whom they never would have met if not for their children? These stronger connections are the very bedrock of a strong, thriving society, and our leaders would do well to encourage all of us to continue building these foundations, one baby at a time.”

Clark has written of what Christians used to know as the most important and natural part of their lives, not some anomaly that needs study and explanation.

A Quiet Place: Are Ascendent Demons, Coming For The Kids, The Monsters? – I saw the new film A Quiet Place on Friday night last and I can tell you it is a very special piece of art. A.C. Gleason has a review of it here and I generally agree with what he says about the film with some important additions. For the first time in years, John Krasinski presents a loving family as a single unit with a very strong father at its head. In 2018 this is no small achievement and Krasisnski gets away with it because of the novelty of silence he introduces in the film. I don’t want to spoil the plot but the family schemes to thwart the ravenous creatures that cause the silence from feasting on the family’s newest addition: a baby. There’s so much to like about this film I plan a full review later this week. This is 4 Reagan movie-making here, go see it!



Why You Need To Listen To The Pearcing Truth’s Series On Economics As If Families MatteredThe Federalist headline screams the current state of our civil, “economic” affairs. Yo, Big Business: Money Doesn’t Give You A Right To Manipulate Politics. It doesn’t? Then are you ready to begin implementing a system of Distributism, solidarity and subsidiarity? While ‘Murican Government has become the national religion, business and the exchange of money for pleasure and profit have become her powerful parishioners. Since we rarely know the people who grow or make our food or anything else for that matter, business has become a ubiquitous, requisite agent for exchange of what we want, mildly tempered by what we are willing to borrow to get it. Micro systems of barter exchange are gone, save for the rare entities that have carved out niche markets serving the locals, folks we used to call friends and neighbors. My ongoing feature series with the author of Small Is Still Beautiful, Joseph Pearce, delves heavily into this subject and is MUST LISTENING for anyone truly interested in avoiding Amazon et al from controlling the food supply and thus what is acceptable, secular behavior to get it. Download all 4 Episodes here.

The book’s stories are harrowing from the point of view that bodies and lives are being physically altered with no chance of repair. This is being done, allegedly, to bring about a more fairer world in which those born into the bodies of the sex they believe is not for them. But what is fair about having your breasts cut off while being doped up with drugs that get you banned from any professional sport? This is the work of Beazelbub and the boys and the poor souls who undergo these mutilations are the prizes.

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The Religion That ‘Murican Politics Has Become – When Donald Trump as President, shows up at a rally to commemorate or promote something, the event takes on a religious tone; think about it. Before the President – the priest – enters the temple – the speaking stage – prayers are recited in unison – the Pledge of Allegiance – then an opening canticle is chanted – the National Anthem – then the priest makes his procession to the altar – the dais with the holy crest of the office of the President – then the priest begins “the mass” – making the political pronouncement and explaining why it is good for the congregation. When “the mass” is finished, the choir strikes up a driving beat of a “patriotic song” which serves as the post communion hymn and then the congregation takes leave to go and evangelize the gospel they just took in to unwashed masses – let the conversions begin! Michael Davis writes of this and makes the proper conclusion: All Politics Is Religion.

“Movement conservatism, meanwhile, is a kind of Protestantism. The Constitution fills the role of the Bible. It is immutable, if not infallible, and we must hold it, as Hamilton said, in “sacred reverence.” Like Protestantism, this conservatism defines itself by what it isn’t—monarchism, socialism, etc.—just as Protestantism is a blanket term for those Christian sects that arose in opposition to the Catholic Church. Jefferson and Adams are like Calvin and Luther: united by a common enemy more than a common creed.”

Armed with my description of a ‘Murican “Conservative Church” service, next time you see this transpire on Fox News and the propagandists for the faith wait breathlessly for the priest to arrive and mass begin, see if my description above is correct and if it is, know then what the takeaway is: The Faith has been replaced in most ‘Murican’s daily lives by the faith (sans caps intentional) in ‘Murica.


It’s April 2018 And The Immodesty Is About To Go Nuclear Because It WENT Nuclear – Venerable Bishop Sheen called out ‘Muricah back in the 1960’s while speaking to a group of young Catholics on “Youth and Sex”: “8:15 in the morning, the 6th of August, 1945, when we flew a military plane over this city, when we dropped that atomic bomb on it; that bomb on blotted out boundaries. There was no longer a boundary between the military and the civilian, between the helper and the helped, between the wounded and the nurse and the doctor, between the living and the dead. For even the living who escaped the bomb were already half dead. So we broke down boundaries and limits and from that time on the world has said we want no one limiting me. … You want no restraint, no boundaries, no limits. I have to do what I want to do. Now let’s analyze that for a moment, is that happiness?”

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The Tragedy of Post Christian, Philosophia Perennis Devoid Thinking – Read this piece from AmConMag writer Noah Millman to get a closeup view of why Philosophia Perennis is so desperately needed to corral the erroneous thinking Men are sure to engage in when NOT grounded in the eternal quest for True Wisdom i.s. Sapientia. The issue Noah, is not whether “only the Saints” can live by the Magisterial code, it is that by God’s Grace the Saints DID live the Tradition WHILE receiving the Graces needed to do so. You cannot approach Grace as zero sum, mathematics, as in if I do ______ I will receive ______ “Grace credits” but if I do ______I will have deducted ______ Grace Credits. Grace is present in the world and we are given the supply needed at Baptism, the suffering of the Christian Faithful is simply to maintain the state you enter at Baptism, using the Gospels and the Traditional Teaching as MEANS to that END. As Padré Gaetano tells us in Humility of Heart: “And has not a saint abundant reasons, from the thought of his own weakness, to live always in a state of great humility, when he knows that from one hour to another he may lose the grace of God and the kingdom of heaven which he has merited by years of laboriously-acquired virtues? “Unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.”

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