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Jefferson_Remnant_Ver_1Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. 2016 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don’t cost nuthin’).

Sapientia et Veritas – If we honor Catholic politicians or public officials, we should make sure there is a basic consistency between their political decisions and sound Catholic moral and social teaching. We should not honor those who claim to personally accept Church teaching, but act contrary to that teaching in their political choices. We should choose for honors those whose lives and work are exemplary in witnessing to the Gospel and disqualify those who dissent from the truths and values we profess and hold dear. When we do so, when we “raise the bar,” so to speak, we not only avoid scandal, but we also have an opportunity to recognize and thank authentic witnesses to the Catholic faith for their fidelity. We also lift them up in a way that may inspire others to imitate their example.” – Bishop Rhoades of the Ft Wayne, Indiana Diocese

Alabama Surrenders To The Cult of Death, Abolishes Marriage To Save It – When Rep Andy Holt appeared on the Mike Church Show and I asked him if abolishing Marriage Licenses was one solution to thwarting the Cult of Death’s march to a Society of Sodomy, Holt demurred and said “No, I will not abandon the principled Truth that marriage is anything but a union of one man, one woman.” In pondering his response, I realized that Holt was/is correct, you cannot vanquish the evil that is the Cult of Death by eliminating battlefields which Alabama is in the process of doing. Right is backed by the Truth and Error by the False, the Truth says that it is mortally sinful for the state to issue sanctions in favor of mortal sin.

Let My People Shower Together!! – A pair of Massachusetts teachers unions have endorsed legislation that would allow adult males to shower alongside young girls in the ongoing effort to eliminate the distinction between Men and Women. How long before it actually becomes ILLEGAL to declare that your child is either Male or Female at birth for “fear” that “arbitrarily choosing a person’s gender identity is unfair to their evolution as a free person”. While I just made that quote up, mark my words, it won’t be long before it actually becomes a legislative effort….oh wait, it already HAS after the fact and there is agitation to eliminate gender entirely from birth certificates (TRUE story)!

What Is An Orthodox Catholic/Christian To Do, What Other Moral Teachings Should The State Bail On? – 5 years ago, Church apostates sounded the surrender alarm, if these clowns are teaching catechism, call the Scottish real estate agents and lets find a plot to buy on Papa Sonstray Island.

But Mitter Chur…Mitter Chur…Doesn’t The State Trump Religion!? – No, it doesn’t and that is the problem we have been confronting the last 500 years, whose chickens have now fully roosted. In 1885, Pope Leo XIII was so alarmed at what Western Man’s governments were allowing to be done to the Eternal Law, he wrote 60,000 words commanding the Faithful of the Planet to place God back over the affairs of “Constituted States”. “Now, this authority, perfect in itself, and plainly meant to be unfettered, so long assailed by a philosophy that truckles to the State, the Church, has never ceased to claim for herself and openly to exercise. The Apostles themselves were the first to uphold it, when, being forbidden by the rulers of the synagogue to preach the Gospel, they courageously answered: “We must obey God rather than men.” This same authority the holy Fathers of the Church were always careful to maintain by weighty arguments, according as occasion arose, and the Roman Pontiffs have never shrunk from defending it with unbending constancy. Nay, more, princes and all invested with power to rule have themselves approved it, in theory alike and in practice. It cannot be called in question that in the making of treaties, in the transaction of business matters, in the sending and receiving ambassadors, and in the interchange of other kinds of official dealings they have been wont to treat with the Church as with a supreme and legitimate power. And, assuredly, all ought to hold that it was not without a singular disposition of God’s providence that this power of the Church was provided with a civil sovereignty as the surest safeguard of her independence. The Almighty, therefore, has given the charge of the human race to two powers, the ecclesiastical and the civil, the one being set over divine, and the other over human, things.”

The End of ‘Murican Government? What If It Never Existed!? – The question of what is sovereignty is one that will not roll off the tongue of 90% of our fellow citizens and will not even enter the barren intellects of 99% of our elected class. That does not mean that the matter is irrelevant nor does it mean that concluding the matter correctly is impossible. Alexander Salter tries to answer the question of what is sovereignty and how the ‘Murican Government treated of it. Salter correctly concludes that the Constitution could not possibly have established a national sovereignty because the entity could not have been made to be sovereign. John Taylor of Caroline, aptly and with finality demolished the concept of the Constitution granting a sovereignty to ‘Muricah. “The word America is used to designate the quarter of the globe in which the recited states were established, and not to designate a nation of Americans. A league or union of the kingdoms of Europe for limited objects, distinctly reciting the name of each kingdom, would not have created a consolidated nation of Europeans. Suppose in such a union, the phrase, “We, the people of the united kingdoms of Europe,” had been used, would it have destroyed the several sovereignties uniting for special purposes, and have consolidated them into one kingdom?”

Hey Notre Dame! Quasemodo’s Mama Was Pro-Life and At Least One American Bishop Shouts ItWe highlighted the embarrassing and heretical endorsement that Notre Dame University has showered on pro-abortion, pro-sodomitical marriage, Vice President Joseph R. Biden. That Biden will receive the highest honor the University bestows on elected Catholics in “public service” while maintaining his “pro-choice” bona fides has stirred Bishop Rhoades of Ft. Wayne IN to forcefully denounce this apostasy.

Tedley CruzRight & The “Christian Right Candidates Serve “Moral Mush” On Anarchists – Patrick J. Buchanan chides the “Evangelical” Ted Cruz, allegedley Catholic, Marco Rubio and fallen Catholic John Kasich for their “moral mush”  uttered in response to the Bern’s 1 per-centers crashing Trump rallies, acting all anarchist-ie. To blame Trump for this is to say that the diabolical are not responsible for their lawless and unethical actions. “What we got from Trump’s rivals was moral mush that called to mind JFK’s favorite quote from Dante: The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis maintain their neutrality.”

The Term Fascist And Trump Don’t Go Together – The radicals showing up at Donald Trump or President rallies that are attacking, screaming, spitting, yelling, sucker-punching are deranged. That doesn’t make Donald Trump a fascists no matter how many times Marco Rubio can accuse him of it. Tim Stanley, nails what is really in play here: “[T]he nihilism of the Right, the authoritarianism of the Left and the weakening of republican institutions.”

When The World Returns To Its Senses It Will Choose Priests Over PoliticsJoseph Pearce has become a fountain of traditional and Classic thinking. Pearce posits that the clowns running the indoctrination camps that pass for higher education have had their go at our kids and results don’t lie. “Even the schism in the modern academy between the so-called arts and the so-called sciences is deeply flawed. Science gets its name from the Latin scientia, which simply means “knowledge.” It is for this reason that the mediaeval academy called theology the queen of the sciences. Theology is a science; philosophy is a science; history is a science; yes, even literature is a science…. An ignorance of the humanities leads to an ignorance of ourselves and our fellow men, the destructive consequences of which are only too evident in the moral collapse and social decay that we witness today.”

The House of Representin’ Needs Another 6,500 Members – This is a rehash of a topic we’ve covered many times since Donald Livingston’s “Rethinking the American Union” book came out: Congress has not be adjusted for population since 1910. This has made the body 6,700 members short of the original scale required by the Constitution.

Why Can’t We Be Friends? – Where do we meet the most reliable and best friends? Bars? Political clubs? Trump or Ted Cruz rallies? ‘Natch… true friends are most likely to come from military associations, playing team sports and believe it or not, the Church. Of course, if The Church is our primary public institution and The Faith our primary concern, then the military and team sports assume a much more modest role.

War, War, War Mentality Has Generated a War On Children – We’ve been talking about this since 2006 and the release of Mark Steyn’s book : America Alone” in which Steyn pointed out that the old countries of Christendom could no longer be bothered to repopulate. The trend has continued and has made its way to ‘Muricah in the form of abortion, contraception and conscription. “Two generations of people who are too self-centered to enter into lasting marital relationships, choose life, and work to make better lives for themselves and their posterity.”

The Non-Profit Think Tank Cabal, As Heard on The Mike Church Show, Revealed – Patrick J Buchanan comments on The Cabal that met at “Sea Island” last weekend, a wafted paper airplane throw, made from our worthless paper money, from the infamous Jekyll Island of Federal Reserve fame. The Cabal met to scheme the demise of candidate Trumpzilla because he poses a threat to the 501(c)3, non-profit “think tank” control they exert: “What we see at Sea Island is that, despite all their babble about bringing the blessings of “democracy” to the world’s benighted, AEI, Neocon Central, believes less in democracy than in perpetual control of the American nation by the ruling Beltway elites. If an outsider like Trump imperils that control, democracy be damned. The elites will come together to bring him down, because, behind party ties, they are soul brothers in the pursuit of power. Something else was revealed by the Huffington Post—a deeply embedded corruption that permeates this capital city. The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research is a 501(c)(3) under IRS rules, an organization exempt from U.S. taxation. Million-dollar corporate contributions to AEI are tax-deductible. This special privilege, this freedom from taxation, is accorded to organizations established for purposes such as ‘religious, educational, charitable, scientific, literary … or the prevention of cruelty to children or animals.’ “

Finally: Why Is No Candidate Offering A Foreign Policy Instead of A War Policy – Mike Church Show guest Professor/Colonel (retired) Andrew Bacevich is asked to comment on Campaign 2016 and proceeds to ask the question I have been asking: why is no candidate proposing an actual FOREIGN policy instead of the never ending mantra of WAR policy and militarism we hear? “And it seems to me to be time for the American people, or for those aspiring to be the next commander-in-chief, to take stock of this military involvement in the region, which has been going on for decades now, and to ask, “How are we doing? Are we winning? What are the prospects?” And to pose those questions in a serious way would, I think, contribute to a conclusion that the militarization of U.S. policy in that part of the world has been utterly counterproductive and is making things worse, not better.”

It’s Hilarious When The Establishment Congratulates Itself For Making Trumpzilla an Establishment Candidate – Witness the hilarious proclamation that the esteemed members of the CNN press corp, with an assist from CNN, claim that “Presidential” Donald Trump has finally arrived and he was escorted by his own “policy ignorance”. The “Establishment” Parrot Press Corps does not realize that it is precisely BECAUSE Trump cannot answer “policy questions” in policy wonk terms that makes him Joe Six-pack’s choice. The more “Establishment” types throw literary hissy fits like this, the more they love Trump… to be continued.

Made In ‘Muricah, Yes Sir, Marriott Goes Homegrown – The Marriott Hotel chain has announced that they are returning manufacturing of all their hand and bath towels, BACK to the United States. See Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus!

I Fret That The State of Our Nation Is Imperiled By Trumpzilla – Proclaims Rod Dreher at the American Conservative, calling Trump “a poor man’s version of a rich man.” Dreher is thoroughly infected with the prideful heresy of Americanism which is the proud father of Gigantism. Not convinced, think I’m spoutiong “sour grapes”? Witness the title of his article: American Dignity. HUMANS are dignified, Rod, nations are not human.  As Pope Pius XI reminded us in Quadregesemo Anno (40th anniversary) “Labor, as [Leo XIII] explained well… is not a mere commodity. On the contrary, the worker’s human dignity in it must be recognized. It therefore cannot be bought and sold like a commodity. Nevertheless, as the situation now stands, hiring and offering for hire in the so-called labor market separate men into two divisions, as into battle lines, and the contest between these divisions turns the labor market itself almost into a battlefield where, face to face, the opposing lines struggle bitterly.” What is “dignified” about an empire of undignified labor that threatens to bomb, drone, maim, torture, kill or “sanction” its way to control over the wrest of the world’s affairs? The Romans built roads to transport soldiers and supplies for soldiers to “The Continent”, those roads were finally put to good use by the Apostles in “teaching all that I have taught you to all nations”. What good use will the ruins of Iraq and Libya serve? What will become of the hulking factories built across the northwest to manufacture the instruments of war and destruction the Empire has brought into being? What of the roads the empire has built called interstates? Recall that Eisenhower “sold” the Interstate plan to Congress as necessary to transport military supplies! Sound Roman Empire enough for you, minus the human-Christian torches burning on the portico to light Hillary’s after dusk cocktail parties?

The Party of Lincoln Is More Properly Termed The Party That Killed Southern, Christian Economics – Garry Potter writes big, bold strokes that the reality of the Republican Party’s beginnings were rooted in denying to the Southern States their [r]epublican traditions and economies. The GOP continues this destruction to this day (with a BIG assist from diabolical Democrats) and the proof is in the lopsided distribution of the spoils of our oligarchical government. As Potter tells it, the Scottish economist Adam Smith helped ‘Muricans give the heave ho to the millennial old economics of the family, guilds and the community, to embrace instead: Wealth that would enrich: Nations. Think about that: Wealth of Nations, by definition, compels us into a system that enriches that which is soul-less: the Nation State, FROM that which is in possession of an immortal soul: Man. That government would grown and families and communities, detached from central control would shrink, was the INTENTION.

Back To The Future Without Planned Parenthood – What would an ancient Christian think if he were transported to an abortion clinic in our day? Anthony Esolen answers the question and implores us to “begin the long slow process of restoration”.

Corporate media ownership has RUINED radio broadcasting for the forseeable future – Listeners have become conditioned to expect no breakout or new talents while growing into perfunctory,  listening habits of stale, and frankly, bad radio. Prima facie evidence of this is the superstar status of iHeart & Pandora radio, offering regurgitated, swallowed and regurgitated music formats with near zero air talent enhancements or additions. What about Talk-Radio? “Fuhget about it”. The Talk-Radio Mafia through 2 companies and the quadrumvirite of “talents” truthfully does control and police the airwaves. Its an impressive business model that makes hundreds of millions for an elite few while decimating local radio and nearly killing, in the cradle, future talents. (if Dana Loesch is the future, the industry and your intelligence are doomed). Continue reading Mike Church’s Report on Media and the CRUSADE Channel’s 17th week birthday here.

We’re All Remnant [r]epublicans Now – WaPo writer travels to “flyover country” expecting to meet the supporting cast of the 1974 Burt Reynolds film “Deliverance” and instead finds a warm, welcoming and very beautiful small town that he is now about to call home. The writer, Christopher Ingraham relied on the Leviathan to provide “data” on the “worst places to live” in ‘Muricah, as he recounts it: “Last August, in the middle of the summer news doldrums, I wrote a quick story on an obscure U.S. Department of Agriculture dataset called the “natural amenities index,” which ranked America’s counties on a number of physical characteristics — mild weather, ample sunshine, varied landscape — that usually make a place desirable to live in.” There is change afoot in ‘Muricah as thousands upon thousands of folks awaken to the reality that modernity and the heresy of Americanism (ALMOST one and the same) have so corrupted our thinking on what is important in life, we’ve become programmed to blindly accept the diabolic, federal,  social engineer’s view of what is good and what is “bad”. The [r]epublican Remnant has awakened!

Quasemodo’s Mama Was Pro-Life OR Apostasy U. Notre Dame Bestows Award on Abortion Booster Joey Biden – In the continuation of the sad saga of ‘Muricah’s most famous, allegedly “Catholic”university Notre Dame’s descent to meet Charon while on a Road to Perdition of its own making; the abortion promoting Vice President and alleged Catholic, Joe Biden is to be honored with the annual Lætare Award. The Cardinal Newman Society remarks: “Notre Dame has announced that it will bestow its 2016 Laetare Medal, the “oldest and most prestigious honor accorded to American Catholics,” on pro-abortion Vice President Joe Biden. This time, however, the offense is even greater: a pro-abortion Catholic politician is being honored as one “whose genius has ennobled the arts and sciences, illustrated the ideals of the Church [emphasis added] and enriched the heritage of humanity.”

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