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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Video and Audio – The Internal Revenue Service is now saying they can read your e-mail, your private messages on sites like Twitter and Facebook, and your text messages… all without a warrant. How can they do this you ask? Well, they’re citing the 1986 Electronic Privacy Act, where you only need a subpoena, that doesn’t need to be issued by a judge, and covers any mail already opened or older than 180 days.  And of course they couldn’t haven’t known about text messages or Facebook or Twitter so they’re just assuming that they have the power to cover that also. So why is no one in Congress throwing a fit about this? Find out in today’s Founders TV and be sure and sign up for a Founders Pass if you don’t already have one.

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  1. Wil

    Ah, 1986 is so long ago! It’s out-dated. As you say, they couldn’t imagine Twitter and Facebook way back then! Throw the Electronic Privacy Act on the same rubbish heap with the Constitution.

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