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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Your Daily Dose of “Mike, Romney Lost Because of You & Ron Paul, & I will NEVER listen Again

Mandeville, LA  – Your daily dose of “Mike, Romney’s loss is ALL you and Ron Paul ‘sfault and because he lost I am withdrawing from your show forever more.


Order your "Secede or Die" T-shirts while supplies lastI have been a daily listener for about 3 years now and just thought it appropriate to say goodbye as I won’t be listening to your show any longer. The last few months it has been very difficult to listen to you criticize Mitt Romney on nearly a daily basis. I understand that it is your right to be principled even when following those principles leads you to a point from which there is no return. This election was our last chance to slow down a runaway freight train headed toward the greater good at the expense of individual freedom.  I really understand your position but don’t agree with standing on the sideline or even providing a little extra push to the train rather than jumping in and trying to help slow it down.  I wish you well in your endeavors chasing your secession windmill and dreaming of a different reality.  As for me I have accepted that all is lost and for my own sanity need to withdraw from the ongoing war. I am 59 years old, a professional engineer, a devoted family man and part of that group that has been raised to believe that hard work will be rewarded. I have come to realize that the intellect of the average American is quite low and that the populous is easily swayed by empty promises. I have also come to realize that lying to achieve ones objectives has become the accepted behavior in this county and it sickens me. Just so you know, I am the son of a steelworker who grew up in heavily unionized Pittsburgh, and have spent my life trying to convince people that you can succeed through hard work.  I put myself through school with the help of a supporting spouse.

We will celebrate our 40th anniversary this weekend. I work 50+ hours every week to support my government and watch helplessly as the fruit of my labor is stolen from me and given to those who refuse to work hard.  I have adult children (ages 28 and 30) who are in the early stages of their careers so I feel obligated to keep going as hard as I can so I can help them if they need it. I always let them know that they will have a place to stay if they need it.  So far they have been able to stand on their own. You probably can sense that I’m not having a good day.  I’ll keep showing your movies to my children and grandchildren so they can at least know what America was, and should be. But to maintain my sanity I can’t listen anymore.


Good Luck,

George B. [last name redacted by Editor]

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Host of the Mike Church Show on The Veritas Radio Network's CRUSADE Channel & Founder of the Veritas Radio Network. Formerly, of Sirius/XM's Patriot channel 125. The show began in March of 2003 exclusively on Sirius and remains "the longest running radio talk show in satellite radio history".

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7 Responses
  1. David G.

    After the events @ the Republicrat convention, I will NEVER vote for another Republitard. If I bother to vote it will be for a Libertarian/Independant. When the rest of the sheeple take a few minutes to read that dispicable piece of parchment and decide to take back their freedom, I will be waiting to help. But rest assured, FORCE is the ONLY way you will ever be free again. Until we all understand that fact, we will continue on this path. Unfortunately, I believe the wussifaction of the male species has made the preferred outcome impossible. Do any of you really believe our founders could have peacefully “voted” themselves a new independant country? Get real, people. Either lock and load, or shut up and bend over. Your choice!

  2. Bob

    What a wonderful day. You MUST be so happy! After months of expressing your disdain for Rhum-nee, the numbers of voter turnout to support him were now so much lower than expected. Your minioins stayed home. You must be so Proud.
    True change to restore our nation will not come about in one election or around one man like Ron Paul. It must gain constant, gradual support, even if the status-quo persists. However, NEGATIVE change by the likes of Obama and company CAN be swift via Executive Order and SCOTUS appointments.

    However, you now have someone to verbally beat upon again, and certainly his actions and those of his people will make your show so much easier. You got yours and you are taking it to the bank every day. You are probably doing well enough to survive the Obama regime.

    I pray for your listeners and the rest of us.

    1. TheKingDude

      Bob! You forgot the bribe I took from Stephanie Cutter, Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager, if I threw the election (so POWERFUL am I!!!) for Obama she promised me a Maserati (I hear it goes 185). I announced on-air today that I am changing my request from a black Maserati to a Ferrari Red colored one. I will post a photo from under Rushmore when Stephanie delivers it.

  3. Alex

    Mike, I disagree with you very often, as seen here on these forums and I’m still not a fan of Ron Paul but in this particular case, I have to disagree with the comment made by a particular listener. In my opinion, obama won because of a combination of election fraud and also because of the fact that there are more takers than makers in this country. Ron Paul/Gary Johnson voters had nothing to do with it. We’re surrounded by those that leech off the system and by union thugs that tamper with our electoral process. I, like many others, truly believe that we’re doomed if we continue on this path to becoming Europe. I’m very afraid of what these next four years will hold for us. We might not even have a country by then for God’s sakes.

  4. Phillip Barnes

    What a crock! You think withdrawing yourself from the frustration of life will make anything any better? NO! I say. Rise up and get a hold on yourself. You are not a worm. You are created in the image and likeness of THE Almighty. Rise up and stand against the wiles of evil and having done all, STAND.

  5. Rev

    The GOP has brought this upon themselves by going with the least conservative candadates. I use to be a member of the republican party but I can no longer support the big government candadates that they are giving us. With this loss maybe the GOP will realize that they can not win without living up to their principles rather than just using them as campaign slogans. Until then I will continue voting for no evil rather than the less of two. Gary Johnson 2016!

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