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You’re a Saint! You’re a Saint! -When Canonization Met Oprah- Mike Church Interview With Chris Ferrera

Mandeville, LA –


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Special Guest: Christopher Ferrara









  • Don’t complain about the apocalypse if you don’t sign up for the Veritas Radio Network
  • Patrick Deneen How Liberalism Failed
  • His conclusion is there is no right vs left.
  • The Splendid Little War – it was an unjust war
  • The American Ambassador
  • The Pacific Coast would not belong to us. Why did we deserve it?
  • One Man’s Hero 1999
  • Canonization of Saints
  • depends on contingent historical facts
  • how can we know if they are in heaven?
  • Vatican II simply continues to be a disaster
  • There has to be some kind of verification through investigation. There must be some factual basis for verification of canonization.
  • Billy Graham is now claimed to be in heaven. Don’t want to speak ill of the dead so I’ll just discuss his religion.
  • Religion in America 3,000 miles wide and 2 inches deep
  • Warnings of pending disaster of theChurch since 19th century a two-fold problem
  1. Punishment of the Church
  2. Punishment of the world
  • Flood, fire will rain down from the heaven and the living will envy the dead.
  • Cardinals will oppose Cardinals and Bishops will oppose Bishops – that is EXACTLY what is happening NOW!
  • Luke Bryan new song with lyrics “most people are good”…”most mama’s oughta qualify for Sainthood”
  • If we “will” aunt mammy into heaven she will go b/c God is a good God right?
  • NO…not unless you pray for aunt mammy’s soul!
  • Protestants: Once saved always saved which is why they don’t pray for the dead.
  • Example from Ferrara
  • Only God knows all further inquiry is unlawful, it isn’t to us to say who is in Heaven ornot
  • Think about the last hour of your life! You are going to die at some point. We all are, are you ready?
  • Government Sacramentals
  • What is the principle mistake? To forget that the source of all political authority is God himself.
  • Naked Power the only thing that keeps the regime together is the GUN.
  • That is why Trump is so hated among the ruling elite.
  1. Abortion
  2. Contraception
  3. Pornography
  4. Sodomy
  • “Trumps election is a political miracle” Ferrara story
  • Completely disagree with his foreign policy but I agree with what he is doing HERE.
  • The religion of Americanism
  • Traditional Latin Mass – have more options in California than in the South
  • Confederate Constitution – this was a power move



Continuation of Interview with Christopher Ferrara

HEADLINE: Christendom in 1200 Words (Give or Take) by Joseph Minich

  • Chris Ferrara’s response to this article
  • Protestantism is a majoritarian religion
  • So what you are basically saying is you want Christendom without the authority of Christ
  • It’s a religion that doesn’t want to offend the customers. Priests simply cannot tell you about sin or preach to you about sin anymore.
  • 6th Commandment is the sin that sends most to hell.
  • Divorced and civil marriages demanding communion etc
  • Meanwhile he is going all over the world discussing harm to the environment, global warming etc
  • Priest condemn all kinds of social injustices but not actual commandments that cause a soul to go straight to hell.
  • 1980’s crime against the family
  • Senator Durbin his Bishop told the public, you must repent
  • If THOSE fathers would lead we would have the laity fathers take up the effort as well.
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