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Humility_of_Heart_on_black_for_emailMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“We’ve been talking to Marc for years upon years here on this show.  Finally the film Climate Hustle is out in 400 theaters across the amber waves of tree huggers.  Marc, are you still on wanted posters in Paris?”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Marc Morano, finally.  We’ve been talking to Marc for years upon years here on this show.  Finally the film Climate Hustle is out in 400 theaters across the amber waves of tree huggers.  Marc, are you still on wanted posters in Paris?

Marc Morano:  Now I’m being threatened with jail by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Bill Nye the Science Guy, who I interviewed for the film and is very open to the idea of jailing global warming skeptics for essentially defrauding the public.  He thinks we’re like people who’ve lied about the dangers of tobacco smoke and belong in jail.  We’re lying about what humans exhale from their mouths, carbon dioxide.  It’s a toxic pollutant but we’re lying to everyone and telling them that they’re not going to die from how they exhale.

Mike:  I was talking before you came on.  It used to be global warming and then that scam ran its course.  They weren’t actually going to go back to work and find something productive to do, so they just changed global warming to climate change.  Somebody ought to ask one of these clowns: If you’re so opposed to climate change, what happens if the climate actually does change for the worse and it gets really cold?  Wouldn’t we then become advocates of climate change back to the era in which we live in today?  To really stump them: Do we live in the Pleistocene or the Holocene era?  You’d be begging for the Holocene warming, wouldn’t they?

Morano:  In fact, the medieval warm period from about 900 to 1300 AD was originally called the medieval climate optimum, because warm was associated with life and productivity and agriculture and plants and booming human and plant – even today, the least amount of human and animal and plant species is at the poles where it’s the coldest?  Where’s the most?  The biodiversity is the greatest at the equator where it’s the hottest.  Life craves warmth.  They’re trying to sell us that any kind of gentle warming we’ve had – and it’s been very gentle since the end of the little ice age.  We actually have a Nobel prize-winning scientist in the film say it’s 0.8 degrees Celsius, which is so little it’s not even fever since the little ice age, since about 1850.  It’s amazing.  They’re trying to drum this up.

It’s bad enough being under attack by Senator Whitehouse, by Bill Nye the Science Guy, by President Obama, Al Gore.  Now I’m under attack by late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who on his ABC show Monday night attacked Climate Hustle and actually noted it was in 400 theaters.  He gave us a cheap plug.  At the same time, he went on and just did all the tired, standard propaganda talking points, 97 percent of scientists, the hottest year on record, blah, blah, blah.  The reason we made the film was because of Jimmy Kimmel’s ignorant rant, to make up for all the boilerplate comments that people like him make.

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Mike:  Marc Morano is the producer and writer of the new film out, Climate Hustle.  How did you get in 400 theaters?

Morano:  It’s called a theatrical special event.  We don’t have Paramount Pictures like Al Gore had behind him.  Al Gore had a huge budget, huge distribution network, all of Hollywood.  When you’re a little independent like this, you’ve got to be creative.  We actually teamed with a company called Fathom Events out of Philadelphia.  They specialize in these sort of getting smaller films, retro films.  One of the things they’re doing this month is they’re bringing back Ghostbusters, the 1984 film, which actually has a very interesting anti-environmentalist theme.  It makes fun of the EPA at the time.  Harold Ramis was accused of being a global warming skeptic before he died.  That’s one of the things they do.  They bring back old, classic films and bring them out to the theaters all over the place.  They do independent films.  They do other special events.  We were able to break the Hollywood system by going around the Hollywood system.

Mike:  Congratulations on that.  Congratulations on finally getting the film.  I know you’ve been working on it for a couple years.  I’ve seen some of the –

Morano:  Six years.

climatehustle-picMike:  I’ve seen some of the headlines about this decrying you.  I’m beginning to question whether or not Bill Nye the Science Guy ought to be Bill Nye the Mystic.

Morano:  I call him Bill Nye the “Jail the Skeptic” Guy.  The Weather Channel founder who introduced our film in the theaters, who actually opens up the film, he called him the pretend scientist with a bowtie.  It’s not so much that he’s upset at his credentials, The Weather Channel founder, John Coleman, he’s upset that Bill Nye actually said that he wants scientists to be chilled.  In other words, he wants to threaten them with jail and prosecution and treat them like racketeers and mobsters because he wants that chilling effect.  He says skeptical scientists have affected his quality of life.  Bill Nye the Science Guy says his quality of life has been affected by skeptics, and, therefore, if their speech is chilled and they don’t feel free to speak out, that’s a good thing because he doesn’t like them.  This is the level we’ve been reduced to in 2016.

Mike:  It really does bring it into focus, especially when environmental subjects came up.  One of the things that I – I’m 54 years old now.  The kids are out of high school.  I’ve taken back to spending my weekends out in the backyard and trying to beautify and garden it.  I consider myself an environmentalist.  I’m not hugging any trees, I’m not licking any frogs, but I do want to conserve my land.  I get a lot of enjoyment out of it.  There’s something beautiful about the land.  I don’t think any of us, you, me, Senator Inhofe, the late great Dr. Michael Crichton, Lord Monkton, we don’t want to kill the planet.  We all love the planet.  We all love nature.  It really is the height of small-mindedness and of insult, I think, what we are accused of by these people.  They find themselves in cahoots with men that would just as soon wipe out entire countries that disagreed with them, wipe out entire classes of educators or teachers or scientists that have chosen a different way to look at the science in their field.  You want to laugh at it and go: Those guys are just whackos.  I don’t just think they’re whackos anymore.  I actually think they’re a threat.  They’re scary.

Morano:  This has moved beyond just environmental activists making wacky statements.  In the film, we actually have an NYU professor, a bioethicist, talking openly about genetically engineering humans to make them smaller so they’ll have smaller climate footprints.  In other words, shrink the height and weight of humans so that we consume less and we have smaller carbon footprints.  We have the exclusive video in the film.  This guy is for real.  You laugh.  We can laugh and think this guy is a nut.  We used to laugh five years ago when a couple activists were talking about prosecuting skeptics under racketeering.  Now we have the Obama administration, US senators, the White House.  We have a Harvard historian and people who are advising Pope Francis the exact same thing, who have advocated RICO statutes against skeptics.  We can laugh at wacky activists, but we find on the left these wacky activists become the mainstream and establishment within a few short years.  That’s what is absolutely so frightening.

Mike:  Where’s Mel Brooks when we need a new rendition of the inquisition, with climate skeptics as the stars?

Morano:  That’s right.  Thou shalt not dissent on Al Gore or the United Nations or face jail time.

Mike:  Marc’s site is  What do you think the late great Dr. Crichton would think about the film?  It’s a shame that he wasn’t around because so many movies were made about his work.  I know you and he were kind of close and you attended conferences with Lord Monckton together with Dr. Crichton.  What do you think he would think about all this today?

Morano:  I used to work in the environmental public works.  The year before I got there, he testified on Barbara Boxer’s committee – that was a thrill to see him go up against Barbara Boxer.  I had been in email communication with him, obviously, before he died.  I think he would enjoy it because I think he would enjoy the humor.  I think he would enjoy the satire that we do.  I think mostly he would enjoy the fact that we let them, meaning the climate activists and the global warming establishment, hang themselves in this film.  We show Ted Turner talking about we’re all going to become cannibals unless we act now to fight global warming.  We make fun of all the tipping points.  We show all the wackiness about global warming is alleged to cause prostitution, barroom brawls, airline turbulence.  Global warming is impacting the debt.  I think Michael Crichton would have loved the creative and humorous take on it.

Mike:  Are you going to travel to Europe and do a stint in Great Britain with Lord Monckton, or is he here already?

Morano:  Actually, I have an invite to present this to the UK parliament.  Lord Monckton is over in the UK.  I’m sure Lord Monckton would be part of that.  That may be later this summer.  We’re still working out details.  We’re talking about an international release in several countries.  We’ll be back.  I’ll also let you know about DVD and on-demand release for Climate Hustle.  Right now you can go to and find out more about the movie.


Mike:  The DVD is available?

Morano:  Not yet.  We’ll be announcing that.  We have a theatrical contract.  Apparently, now that I’m steeped in the ways of Hollywood, you can’t have a DVD out immediately.  There’s a theatrical contract where you have to wait a while after the theater.  The idea is to get people to go to a theater so they don’t think the DVD will be out two weeks later.  There’s got to be a gap in time.  We’ll make that announcement when we’re ready.

Mike:, and folks can find out if there’s a theater near them where they can go watch this?

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Morano:  Good point.  It was a special event.  We had two nights in some cities, but it was mostly a one-night show.  Right now it’s gone, but there’s a chance it’s going to come back.  Go to that website.  In a week or two it could be back.  We’re also announcing on-demand and DVD as well.

Mike:  As always, brother, it’s a pleasure.  Go out and support Marc’s work at  Make plans to watch – one of the things my friend Rick DeLano and Robert Sungenis did with their movie, The Principle, was they were able to get it – I can’t remember how they do it.  It’s kind of like the thing you’re doing.  Folks were actually able to plan to show it at events.  We have thousands of people that are Tea Partiers, that still have Tea Party meetings.  As a matter of fact, my friend Cindy in Florida has a huge group.  I bet they would love to show this.  They just contact you directly?

Morano:  They can contact me.  We’re also looking at film festivals.  Absolutely, we’ll be showing this at conferences and other things like that as well, even after it comes out on DVD.

Mike:  Look forward to it.  I’m going to be purchasing DVD number one.  I can’t wait to see it.  As always, good to hear from you.  We’ll talk soon.  Go to  Check the film out,

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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